Frequently Asked Questions About Franchises

Are you thinking about entering the business world as a franchise owner? Do you have a slew of questions and uncertainties swirling around in your head? Although you might be familiar with what a franchise is and have a basic understanding about how they work, their complex nature is sure to pose more questions that need answers before you can really dive in.

If franchising is on your horizon, here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers that may help eliminate some of your confusion before you are in too deep -

How should I choose a franchise to pursue?
Choosing a franchise cannot and certainly should not happen overnight. In order to determine which company suits you, you will need to consider factors such as overall cost, the product or service offered and ultimately what kind of commitment you want to make; that means research, research, and even more research!

Can I bring in a business partner?
Although most franchisors would welcome you with a business partner, there are a handful who may not. If entering the business with a partner is your ultimate goal, you will need to discuss logistics with each franchisor you speak with in order to determine if you can act without flying solo.

What is the cost of opening and owning a franchise?
Unfortunately, there is no universal cost when it comes to franchising. The cost of your franchise will heavily depend on the industry you enter, where you are located (including the necessary real estate) and the products and services that will be offered. To truly determine how much you will be required to invest, you will need to sit down with each potential franchisor individually.

Now, we want to know - what other questions about franchising do you have? As this is just a small handful of FAQs, we know you are bound to have additional questions or concerns that may be prohibiting you from starting the franchising process. Don't let those questions go unanswered - visit us on Facebook or Twitter so that we can provide you with the information you need!

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