Why It Pays to Be an Early Adopter in Franchising

Our culture is generally obsessed with being the first at things. Does anyone remember the second person to walk on the moon? Whether it is sports, science or business, being the first to try something has a certain distinction.

Not surprisingly, being an early adopter in a promising new franchise also has its rewards. The franchisee who gets their foot in the door early may develop a deeper relationship with the franchisor management team, receive stronger support, gain access to the best territories, and sometimes even have a say in the direction of the franchise system itself.

A new franchise offers its buyers a clean slate — the opportunity to shape your image and customer base from the ground up the way you want it. It’s a business opportunity unaffected by the habits of previous owners, and you don’t have to worry about the possibility of negative customer impressions haunting your business.

New franchise opportunities often are less expensive than established franchises. If the new franchise is successful, you’ll be the beneficiary of the company’s goodwill value.

Ultimately, the decision to buy into a new franchise comes down to you. Do you have the personality and risk-embracing nature to build a successful franchise?

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