8 Franchise Ownership Myths

At some point in their careers, many business owners have entertained the idea of franchising. Since 2014, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain™ has experienced great success with our world-class franchise network. Nevertheless, a number of misconceptions about franchise ownership still exist, causing many to miss out on a financially rewarding and personally satisfying opportunity. Before you make up your mind, it helps to know the facts. Here’s some franchise myths that will help you evaluate whether buying a franchise is right for you!

Myth 1: “I’ll only be successful if I find the right business.”

Don’t limit yourself to something in which you’ve already succeeded. Look at your skills from previous work and life experiences, and determine if those skills can be transferred to something altogether new.

Myth 2: “I can’t be in a business I know nothing about.”

Of course you can! While it’s only natural to want to stay in your comfort zone, it’s important to remember, as a new franchise owner, your job is to grow your business. In most cases, you’ll be hiring people who have the right skills for a specific job. Taking the road to success means buying into and learning a successful franchise system, then using your talents to make it grow.

Myth 3: “I can’t afford a franchise.”

Many franchisors, including bluefrog Plumbing + Drain™, offer financing options. The only other expenses you’ll have are your everyday business costs. The difference with franchising is the support and training of the franchisor, which will help you hit full speed far more quickly than you could on your own.

Myth 4: “I’ll have to quit my job to become a franchisee.”

Many franchise models are designed for people who work other full-time jobs. As an investor, you can use your transferable skills to lay the groundwork of your franchise by hiring the “right” employees.

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